The chance to redefine travel by making it better, not simply safer

  • App that guides tourists through travel destinations. Built using Flutter framework.
  • Admin Webapp for content management and analytics dashboard built using Angular framework.
  • Key services & APIs used:
    • Firebase Authentication including OAuth integration with Facebook, Google Login.
    • Google Cloud Storage for media storage.
    • Google Firebase Firestore for No-SQL database.
    • Google Cloud Functions for REST API.
    • Firebase Hosting for website content.
    • Push Notifications using Google FCM platform.
  • Stripe gateway integration for payments (CC, G Pay, Apple Pay integration).
  • Google Places and Google Maps for nearby location search and live tracking.
  • Google Text2Speech API for converting SSML content to English and Hindi playback audio.
  • Google Vision API for keywords and tags associated with site pictures.
  • Google DialogFlow for interactive chatbot used to collect feedback and ratings.

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