PostTradeRx – Adobe Flex/ AIR tool for post trade compliance & accuracy

PostTradeRx is a powerful market data replay and analysis tool, allowing users to view the market and trade data for any exchange listed security for a given time span. This tool will help validate best execution for compliance. Brokers and traders can use the tool to reconstruct the events around their trade to determine whether there was a missed opportunity or an unforeseen event. Brokers can send clients a screen shot of the moment their particular trade occurred, confirming the quality of the execution and reducing the number of customer inquiries.


Adobe Flex 3.0 & AIR UI, Java, Servlets, Spring, XML, Market Data API, Derby.

Key Features:

  • Quotes, trades that occur and available can be displayed to a millisecond accuracy.
  • Zoom In/Out, Fast/ Slow Data Replay, Image Capture to share, Market Cross Section.
  • Each access of the selected replay lists in the form of tabs. Single click of add/ delete of play items.
  • Quick buttons to launch analysis tool windows: Quotes, Trades, High/Low Bid & Offer ranges.
  • Visual markings for Price Axis, Highlighted prices, Best Bid/ Offer, Trades.
  • Multi Market Replay on same time scales.
  • On/ Off time span Analysis tool windows to review data as needed.

Key functionalities:

  • Filter data by Exchange, Security ticker symbol, Anchor time for a more targeted view of the market
  • Analyze execution quality for compliance purposes.
  • Time span Analysis tools include: price range of bids and offers, Trades.
  • View the number of trades occurring within a specific time span.
  • Best Bid and Offer at any point in the selected time span for the given security.
  • Analysis variety of situations for missed opportunities or for training.