Adobe Flex/ AIR tool for real time Ticker Tape for Market Data display

Ticker Tape tool displays the Market prices data of a given group in real time.


Adobe Flex 3.0/ AIR UI, Java, Servlets, Spring, JMS, XML, Market Data API, Derby.

Key features:

Switch between the Watchlist/ Portfolios with single click

  • Adjust the Scroll speed.
  • Alter look and feel of the ticker tape.
  • Sort Ticker contents Alphabetically or Winners to losers.
  • Show multi-level ticker information to fit various space constraints.
  • Very small footprint.

Key Functionalities:

Pre-load multiple of Stock Portfolios or Indices

  • Add new Markets/ instruments to any given portfolio/ Watch lists.
  • Display real time updates on the ticker.

Key Application Scenarios:

  • Display on web pages or finance portals to display market data of a portfolio or Indices & its constituents.
  • Company Web pages to display company stock along with Industry peers.
  • Display market prices for various securities such as Equities, Currency rates, Commodity Markets…etc.