Adobe Flex/ AIR tool for Market HeatMap/ TreeMap

Adobe Flex/ AIR tool for Market HeatMap/ TreeMap HeatMap tool is developed with all the Web 2.0 features. This application displays Market Data elements in intuitive format. Assign various parameters of the Market Securities’ and gain a visual map of these parameters over huge cross section of data sets such as S&P500, Russell 3000…. Etc.


 Adobe Flex 3.0 & AIR UI, Java, Spring, JMS, XML, Market Data API, Derby, MySql

Key features:

  • Assign and change the Color coding dynamically to the Map for greater clarity and visualization.
  • Assign varying levels of Information display for Mouse over Pop Ups.
  • Flexibility to assign different levels of Right Mouse Menu items (Charts, News, Options … etc.).
  • Flexibility to show varying levels of Information on each element presentation in the Visual Map.
  • Dynamically access the Data Sub-sets’ elements with single mouse click.
  • Integrate with the Real time Price feeds to update the Map real time

Key functionalities:

  • Create Dynamic grouping and Un-grouping of the data.
  • Configure the Data parameter assignment on the fly with instant visual presentation of the data.
  • Filter or highlight the Data sub sets that fits the specific criteria.
  • Build Filtering/ Highlighting criteria dynamically.
  • Visualize Data in a graphical map or Data Tree with a single click.
  • Visualize data as Heat Map or Tree Map, export the data in .CSV format.

Key application scenarios:

  • Display on web pages or finance portals to display market data of a portfolio or Indices & itsconstituents.
  • Display market prices for various securities such as Equities, Currency rates, Commodity Markets etc.
  • Analytical comparison of huge data sets and varying data elements.
  • Plot real time spreads map of Options Data.
  • Map Index Constituents or ETF member stocks to identify performances or other parameters.
  • Visual presentation of end of the day or snap shot of Market summaries.