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(Supply Chain Management)

Increased globalization and competition has made supply chain management (SCM) a very important and has a tremendous impact on the success of an organization. SCM is all about getting the right things to the right places at the right time. It engages every facet of the business process – planning, purchasing, production, transportation, storage & distribution, customer service, and more. It contributes to business performance by finding out ways to get goods to the customer better, faster and cheaper, helping organizations control expenses, boost sales, and maximize profits

Our supply chain management professionals have the skills across SCM - Transportation, Warehousing, Sourcing & Procurement, Returns Management, Post- Sales Service, and Partnerships & Collaboration. We offer high-level diagnostics to help in the planning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of complex supply chain systems and work as part of the client team to reduce total cost of ownership and improve business performance. Saven's SCM Consulting Services areas:

  • KPI Definition, Development and Process Design
  • Business Process reengineering , Management and improvements
  • Implementation & Migration services
  • Implementation and ADM for SCM solutions
  • Integration of vendor solutions and legacy systems
  • Performance Tuning and Live Cache sizing services
  • Assisting clients in business process definition and modeling of SCM product based on business requirements, developing prototype, and solution rollout.
  • Integration of SCM solution with various surrounding systems, typically with ERP systems or other legacy execution systems
  • Development of a web portal for interaction with Clients and business partners.
  • Integration of existing web portals to the process/ workflow solutions.
  • A high-level Solution Architecture for achieving Supply Chain Excellence and attaining a web-enabled business model
  • Selection of suitable IT packages and technologies for proposed solution architecture
  • Web enabling and integrating Warehouse management solutions across geographies.
  • Transportation Planning and Scheduling solutions, Development of shipment and transportation package, web enabling of existing shipment solution, and integration of Shipment.
  • Integration of Supply Chain Planning solution with procurement solution, development of web based collaborative procurement solution, facilitating Vendor Managed Inventory and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment.

Saven consultants bring experience working with industry solutions from SAP, Oracle and Infor in SCM space.


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