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Constantly rising volumes, around-the-clock trading, tighter regulation, emerging markets and fragmented liquidity are challenging the capital markets industry every day. Saven helps firms build global and scalable solutions that require flexibility to integrate new types of instruments and to build cross-asset trading platforms.

Mutual Funds Data API

The ultimate goal of almost any investment strategy is simple: to earn admirable returns with as little risk as possible. In the United States today, investors have access to thousands of mutual funds, countless investment advisors and a myriad of stocks, bonds and other investments. It’s no wonder investors need lot of time and sophisticated data access tools to navigate the investment opportunities available in various asset classes. Mutual funds have proven to be one of the favorable investment choices.

Saven has built a Mutual Funds Fundamental Data API layer to access latest Mutual Fund filings with Edgar Database. This cloud hosted API provides access to fund description and fund performance data for U.S. mutual funds. The data is delivered in easy-to-use format that can be utilized in desktop applications including spreadsheets, mobile applications, and web sites. Key features include:

  • The database is hosted in a cloud environment providing high availability and reliability.
  • The data is delivered using SaaS model - Software as a Service. This means zero software and hardware footprint at customer premises. All that is required is Internet access.
  • Web Services based API access to fund description data including fund profile, fund objective, manager profile and fund company profile, fund fee data including sales fees, redemption fees and management fees, fund benchmarks, fund performance, fund asset allocation, and fund holdings (current & historical)
  • Request data for one or more funds at a time
  • Search funds by fund symbol, fund name or fund company name
  • Key fund description data elements include fund name, CIK, fund symbol, ISIN, valoren, industry, fund family, fund objective, domicile, net assets, inception date, redemption date, short term redemption fee, redemption fee schedule, front load, maximum front load, maximum deferred load, switching fee, turnover ratio, expense ratio, benchmark name, primary and secondary indicators and weighting
  • Fund holdings data elements include weighting, number of shares, market value, cost basis, maturity date, coupon duration (for bond funds), historical Holdings.
  • Key fund performance data elements include load adjusted and non-load adjusted returns, year to date, one, two, three, six, and nine month returns, one, two, three, four, five, ten, fifteen and twenty year returns.

An example set of API commands supported by this web services API ( Search criteria & data access can include - Fund profile, Fund Name, Fund Company, Funds Fees, Fund Ratio, Fund current & historical Holdings, Fund Allocations, Fund Annual Reports.. etc). Analytics, additional meta-data and historical data features are being implemented for future releases.

  • FindMFBySymbol: Returns a list of funds whose symbols contain the search string provided as the parameter
  • FindMFByName: Returns list of funds whose company names contain the search string provided as the parameter
  • GetMFProfile: Returns key profile information for the fund(s)
  • GetMFFees: Returns sales fees, management fees, and redemption fees charged by the fund(s)
  • GetMFRatios: Returns expense ratios and turnover ratios for the fund(s)
  • GetMFHoldingsTop10: Returns top ten holdings in which the fund has invested
  • GetMFHoldings: Returns all holdings in which the fund has invested
  • GetMFAllocation: Returns net asset allocations and sector allocations for the fund(s)
  • GetMFAnnualReportSummary: Returns key data from latest fund annual report
  • GetMFPerformance: Returns trailing performance returns, dividend and capital gains data for the fund(s)


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