Capital Markets

Constantly rising volumes, around-the-clock trading, tighter regulation, emerging markets and fragmented liquidity are challenging the capital markets industry every day. Saven helps firms build global and scalable solutions that require flexibility to integrate new types of instruments and to build cross-asset trading platforms.

Data Analytics & Visualiztion

Analyzing business data and visualizing the findings is a major activity in any decision making process. Yet, subtle - hence important - findings are difficult to communicate, because relevant details such as trends, exceptions, patterns need to be placed in context and highlighted properly. Traditional tools provide very limited analytics and visualization features, no features for interactive view navigation and refinement. Firms that want to keep an edge must be able to process and capitalize on market anomalies in real time by analyzing massive amounts of live and historical data to power their trading decisions. In addition to being a highly valuable tool for traders, who often follow between 100s of securities, data visualization also is being harnessed across the board by firms.

A good Analytics and visualization system helps see multi-leveled hierarchies, interconnections and details on individual objects in order to solve problems, understand complex relationships or identify areas of interest. Real-time analytics and visualization, in particular, requires a combination of data access and manipulation in real time. At Saven, we bring in our expertise from business intelligence, financial real-time systems, server side push technologies, workflow and business rules, event stream processing and even mobile computing, to create unique winning solutions for immediate analytics. Our Analytics and Visualization tools enable wealth managers, portfolio and risk managers, among others, to make better quality insightful decisions in less time.

Firms are now using data visualization technologies for risk analysis, pre-trade and post-trade checks, compliance monitoring, fraud detection, Trading & Execution, profitability analysis, research and sales, data latency monitoring, and portfolio performance and attribution.

  • Visualization Components & Widgets: Library of Visualization components in Adobe Flex that can be customized to build a custom Visualization tool for Web or Desktop environment. Heat Map, Tree Map, Advanced Charts, Market Calendar, Quote Tables, News, Ticker Tape ..etc
  • Visual Analytics: Combine time series historical data with real-time streaming feeds and data from CEP engines
  • Interactive Reporting: Embed Visualization components for interactive Reporting to Clients
  • Data Simulation & Replay tools: Replay Market conditions up to a milli-second to gain insights with PosttradeRx.
  • Dashboards: Dashboards for fast, effective analysis of real-time streaming feeds from CEP engines, time series data sets and all types of traditional databases
  • In-Memory OLAP data model, Row or Column oriented Databases, Real time Streams or CEP outputs


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