Capital Markets

Constantly rising volumes, around-the-clock trading, tighter regulation, emerging markets and fragmented liquidity are challenging the capital markets industry every day. Saven helps firms build global and scalable solutions that require flexibility to integrate new types of instruments and to build cross-asset trading platforms.

Data Integration

Securities industry is flooded with data: clients and counterparties, securities, pricing, corporate actions, credit ratings, positions, transactions and hundreds more. Managing it is time consuming and costly, but crucial to the success of your business. Regulatory compliance is another driving force behind a speed-up in data integration projects at capital markets firms. Regulatory requirements are forcing firms to access, integrate, manage and govern their data. The Dodd-Frank Act puts a lot of emphasis on data governance, in particular the quality and consistency of reference data like securities and counterparties.

Business responsiveness requires processes and systems to respond in real time to data concerning changing business conditions, profit opportunities and customer interactions. But as each day brings greater volumes of data delivered at faster speeds, data flow across multiple systems and applications becomes absolute necessity. Where it was once acceptable to respond to static data after it was received and written to a database, today's capital market participants require action on data in real time—a challenge when integration issues exist. By deploying real-time data integration solutions, goal is to simplify data integration and enable organization to achieve real time event processing for greater business responsiveness.

We have deep understanding of markets in Commodities, Currencies, Equities, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Fixed Income and have been working with clients on integrating data from Software Product vendors, Broker Dealers, Fund Administration, Portfolio Management, Trading Systems Clearing Houses and other sources.

  • Real time Data Integration with Complex Event Processing Engines (CEP)
  • Reporting Positions and Transactions in real time
  • Integrate Broker Dealer Trading Systems with Client/ Custom Applications for real time reporting/ Monitoring.
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Integrate data sources from Industry sources such as Edgar for Mutual Funds with downstream trading models, Applications and Execution systems.
  • Integrate Fund Sponsor data sources such as ETF with Central Clearing Systems, Trading & Valuation Models
  • Integrate Multiple data streams from Data Publishers, Research Content, Analytical Models with Front office Trading Systems/ GUI such as TBricks, Charles River …etc
  • Integrate Data for Compliance, Client Reporting and Clearing systems.


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