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(Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is the company's attempt to make the most of its relationship with its customers. Current turbulent times make it more important than ever to be on top of every lead, every opportunity, and every customer interaction. Key functions of today's CRM system is its ability to strengthen customer/company relationships. The rewards from the CRM implementation will outdo the costs involved. It is imperative that the utmost care be taken to ensure that it is rightly implemented so that organization and its departments gets the best out of CRM implementation.

At Saven, our technology experts continually create successful systems to deliver the latest CRM solutions. They are true experts in the systems, integration and database challenges that power some of today's most successful CRM programs. We deliver these solutions across CRM platforms by best-in-industry software from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft. Our consultants have expert skills and experience in the following areas with in CRM space:

  • Customer-centric data warehouses
  • Customer data integration (real-time and batch processing options)
  • Website and e-commerce integration
  • Online and offline reward redemption options
  • Campaign management
  • Multi-channel communications
  • Mobile extensions of server-side functions
  • Online reporting, Analytics and Business intelligence
  • Call center and customer care applications
  • Customization


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