Capital Markets

Constantly rising volumes, around-the-clock trading, tighter regulation, emerging markets and fragmented liquidity are challenging the capital markets industry every day. Saven helps firms build global and scalable solutions that require flexibility to integrate new types of instruments and to build cross-asset trading platforms.

Connectivity & Execution

The advent of electronic and algorithmic trading changed the landscape of trading and order management systems. Faster access, faster execution and fewer errors became absolute necessities. There was increased need for reliability, scalability and concurrency with greater adherence to standards and interconnectedness. The folks at Saven were building connectivity and execution solutions way before automated trading took up 35% of the market share. With agility and deftness, the team at Saven created new generation connectivity and execution tools and libraries, when the change was still underway. Today we present to you an interesting proposition in our solutions.

We offer connectivity solutions to the largest of the cash, derivative and equity trading venues using FIX protocol or exchanges' native APIs for high speed executions. We have delivered execution management systems for clients for exchanges in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific . Saven has extensive experience building custom FIX-enabled trading solutions and supporting systems that use QuickFIX, an open source FIX engine library written in C++. Our solutions don't stop at plain vanilla connectivity options but extend to interesting offerings that help you trade directly from Matlab, connect to third party connectors or link up to your broker's systems for execution.


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