Capital Markets

Constantly rising volumes, around-the-clock trading, tighter regulation, emerging markets and fragmented liquidity are challenging the capital markets industry every day. Saven helps firms build global and scalable solutions that require flexibility to integrate new types of instruments and to build cross-asset trading platforms.

Client Reporting

Client reporting in capital markets can be improved by focusing on: demonstrated Returns; control Risk; responsive to Regulatory requirements, better client Relationships. Inevitability of regulatory changes, fluctuating markets need reporting that is transparent, objective, and simple to instills confidence and trust in clients, helping cement client relationships.

Individual investors, in the current environment, are demanding the kind of sophisticated performance reporting that until now was exclusively available to the institutional market. Detailed risk analytics, ad hoc reports at short notice, necessitates a need for a sophisticated client reporting platform. On the other hand, institutional clients need more complicated and technical graphs and figures, along with more extensive calculations and in-depth commentary. Traditional reporting with static reports, spreadsheets is quite cumbersome to produce, inefficient to deliver and is probably not on demand. Saven has developed client reporting solutions in latest RIA technologies such as Adobe Flex, HTML5, GWT, Ajax and has made it possible to create reporting applications that are very interactive, close to real-time with extensive functionalities.

FlexPages is a Reporting & Analytics solution beyond Spreadsheets. Investment managers, who are frustrated with multiple systems and spreadsheets, need a solution that help communicate effectively and efficiently with their Client/ Investor base. FlexPages solution streamlines complex and labor intensive portfolio tracking and client reporting functions.

Saven helps develop client reporting solutions that have broad functional objectives

  • Interactive Dashboard for Clients/ Investors on their Portfolios/ Investments
  • Web based solution, accessible from multiple platforms
  • Extensive Analytical tools for Investment Data Analytics & Quantitative data visualization
  • Selective access levels to Investors, Investment Advisors, Fund Administrators, Fund Managers
  • Reports on Demand with extensive interactive charts, tables and detailed stats
  • Communicate with Investor base with quick and effective reporting that is accessible on the web, email and Mobile
  • Intuitive, unconstrained slicing and dicing of metrics for truly custom reports


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