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(Business Process Management - Workflow)

Saven is dedicated to helping clients achieve maximum performance with their technology solutions through process and organizational transformation. Our broad capabilities in business process management, process improvement, enterprise transformation and performance management allow us to bring innovative perspectives to our clients' opportunities and issues. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to implement and integrate a diverse set of methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecards, Kaizen and High Performance Culture to improve the way they operate and grow their business.

A key foundational element to address efficiency and quality issues is establishing the discipline of Business Process Management (BPM) within the Organization. BPM considers the people, process, and technology dimensions of value-added activities within the enterprise's end-to-end processes to improve enterprise performance by driving operational excellence and business agility.

Our Business Process Management (BPM) service helps our customers improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by analyzing process improvements through the automation and managing of complex business processes. We support the full BPM life-cycle and help clients achieve business-critical objectives like reducing costs, improving productivity, increasing compliance, enhancing agility, and reducing risk.

Business Process Modeling

Review, Re-engineer and document business strategies, key performance indicators, and governance processes.

  • We help organizations understand business process issues and root causes very quickly, and identify quick-win improvements and longer-term initiatives to achieve business and technology objectives.
  • Enables a company to benchmark its existing capabilities with market-leading solutions, identifying the best ways to create value.

BPM Consulting

Assess, Refine Business Processes, technology systems, automated workflows.

  • Design and plan business and technology enabled processes
  • Identification of information requirements to achieve specific performance and business goals.
  • Creation and mapping of business processes through process modeling
  • Development of a comprehensive roadmap that illustrates the major steps and phases needed to build the new processes and technology to support both short- and long-term strategies.

BPM System Integration Services

Implementation & Integration of new technologies, processes, and methods.

Saven has wide experience working various BPM Tools, Technologies and Industry standards.

  • EMC Documentum xCP
  • IBM MQWorkflow/Interchange/ Lombardi
  • Microsoft Infopath
  • Oracle BPM
  • Pega BPM


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