Capital Markets

Constantly rising volumes, around-the-clock trading, tighter regulation, emerging markets and fragmented liquidity are challenging the capital markets industry every day. Saven helps firms build global and scalable solutions that require flexibility to integrate new types of instruments and to build cross-asset trading platforms.


The ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) industry is growing rapidly. New products come to market all the time, and many of them require understanding before it is proved to be suitable for investment. The last thing an institutional trader want to do is trade an ETF that doesn’t meet the trading targets in terms of liquidity, portfolio hedging, Asset allocation, Sector focus, replication.. etc. With hundreds of funds now available and hundreds more in registration, it’s more important than ever to be gain deeper data insights into ETF universe data.

Saven ETF Data API aimed at Trading Firms, Market Makers, and to certain extent, retail investors & Financial advisors, is trying to understand and visualize the ETF Data, including the Data Analytics, Model portfolios, Basket Data, ETF industry Data Aggregates, ETF Category(s) aggregates. Saven ETF Data API , web services based, includes a number of ground-breaking features that allow firms to dig deeper into ETFs data than ever before, and is a one-stop source for aggregated data on more than 2500 ETFs

ETF Data API provides access to large data sets of ETF Universe. It is planned to extended the API for Historical Data ETF data access, Advanced Analytics, CU Basket, Real time Basket Valuations..etc.

  • Basic level API - ETF listing with Fundamental and Analytical information, Aggregates, Industry stats, Rankings, Top Holdings, Basic reports.
  • Advanced Level API - ETF CU Baskets, Aggregate Analytics, Holdings Masters, Analytical Rankings, Historical Data, Reports, Ranking.

  • An example set of API commands supported by this web services API

    • GetETF (Profile, Fundamentals, TradeData, Analytics): Access Profile, Fundamentals of a given ETF ticker(s)
    • GetETFListBy (Region, AssetClass, AUM, Country, Issuer, TradingVolume, Sector, IndustryGroup, ExpenseRatio): Get the list of ETFs and additional meta data that match a given criteria elements.
    • GetETFTop10ListRankedBy: Access the top ETF & additional data for a given criteria elements such as region, AUM, Industry, Sector and others.
    • GetETFHoldingsProfile: Access the profiles of top holdings for given ETF(s) ticker(s). Profile data include meta data such as Industry, Market Cap…, Holding Rank…etc.
    • GetETFTop10Holdings: Obtain top holdings and analytics for a given ETF ticker(s)
    • GetETFCompare: Access comparison data for given ETF tickers list. Comparison elements include various data groups such as Profile, Fundamental, Analytical…etc.
    • GetETFSummary: Get report with multiple sections for given ETF ticker(s)
    • GetETFHoldingsBasket: Get portfolio of holdings that corresponds to a CU for a given ETF ticker(s)
    • GetETFSummaryWithBasket: ETF(s) Fund Data summary as of T-1 and CU basket for T


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