Outsourcing Services

Software outsourcing enables businesses to benefit from operational cost savings, shorter time-to-market cycles and access to cutting-edge software development expertise. Saven's outsourcing solutions ranges from application maintenance and development to complete architecture and deployment of Enterprise Applications.

Product & Tools

Saven offers Outsourced Product Development services committed to helping our customers build software products better and faster. We work with some of the world's most innovative software-enabled businesses, ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders, transforming the way software is built.

Saven services covers the entire spectrum of activities involved in taking a product from vision to shipment Leveraging Saven's experience, we help our customers convert their product vision into a tangible design, scalable architecture, and finally a successful product. Our approach to product development is based on our core strengths: years of product-building experience, refined & evolved processes, developed components, methodologies and frameworks to ensure successful product development. For every area of development, we bring a specific methodology, proven processes, and a solid track record. We offer a set of principles and practices, driven by the right people and supported by the right Platform. Our processes, when applied rigorously, will always result in well-engineered, high-quality software.

We work with our clients on their new product development initiatives and help bring their products to market faster at lower R&D costs. Our product development Services include:

  • New Product Development: Proof of Concept, Architecture Design & Development
  • Product Advancement: Functionality Additions, Technology Adaptability, Integrating with other Services & products, Adaptors, Product APIs, Tool Kits, Re-Architecture to adapt to new technologies & platforms such as SaaS, Web 2.0
  • Product Maintenance: Support, Defect Fixes, Enhancements, Customizations, Documentation
  • Product Testing: Functional & Performance testing

Saven has gained valuable insights in various industry Industries and their best practices as part of its consulting services, outsourcing services and its own R&D. Our knowledge (in technologies, existing product knowledge, best practices) and depth of experienced in these areas can make commendable difference in time and cost for clients' product development life cycle.


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