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In this time of rapid change, companies are adopting new technologies that transform industries and redefine markets and their competitive edge. In order to be productive and efficient in these new technical environments, quality technical education is critical. Saven Technologies has been recognized as an industry leader in providing technical education, mentoring and consulting services. We feature state of the art training facilities where students use software tools to create custom applications and reports, therefore providing the best possible learning environment for hands-on training.

Teaching Proven Principle

Saven Technologies' instructors are experienced practitioners who work with the technology tools in live development environments delivering solutions for our clients. Therefore, they provide practical insight that significantly increases the effectiveness of the educational experience. We focus on the teaching of proven principles that lead to success and on imparting the underlying knowledge of the dangers of not following these sound principles.

Mentor and Protege

Over the years we have found that working with a mentor in a formalized environment is the most effective way to facilitate the knowledge exchange leading to a higher level of practical application. Saven Technologies' trained specialists are available to work with each individual on specific projects in a collaborative, development and educational environment. Upon completion of the comprehensive classroom training, we can dedicate one of our senior level consultants to work with your project team to ensure a smooth transition from the classroom into a live working environment. This mentor and protege knowledge transfer process will accelerate the learning while allowing your staff to remain productive in the development environment.

Customized Education

Saven Technologies can provide specific training based on a complete evaluation of your unique training needs. We will work with you to plan, develop and deliver an effective curriculum that will ensure a challenging and well-rounded experience that meets your organization' s specific educational requirements. The curriculum for your organization will be based on an education analysis of your staff' s current and future training objectives.

Course Samples

Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing Design, Object Oriented Design and Development, Enterprise Architecture, J2EE, XML, Open Source Frame works & Tools, Web 2.0 Tools & Frame Works.

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