Saven brings specialized technology-enabled business solutions to the key processes and operations at the heart of a successful organization. Our expertise in technology solutions ranges from application maintenance and development to complete architecture and deployment of Enterprise Applications.


Sound project management capabilities, mature and continuously improving processes enable Saven to execute projects of size up to hundreds of person years. With our large resource pool of people, we can assemble teams quickly leading to lower cycle time. These partnerships allow us to expand our range of services to attract new candidates and provide additional project choices to our core consultant staff.

Saven intends to continue to strengthen its business partnerships with these and other strategic relationships to enhance Saven's technical support capabilities and software application expertise.


Penrillian Limited   |

Penrillian is an agile software development company specialising in developing applications for mobile and wireless devices. Founded over 10 years ago, they are one of the most experienced developers of mobile technology in the world. They are trusted to solve the trickiest technical challenges and have worked with all of the UK mobile network operators and work across all of the major handset operating systems, such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

FlexPages   |

FlexPages is a Reporting & Analytics solution beyond Spreadsheets. Investment managers, who are frustrated with multiple systems and spreadsheets, need a solution that help communicate effectively and efficiently with their Client/ Investor base. FlexPages solution streamlines complex and labor intensive portfolio tracking and client reporting functions.

7Weaver   |

7W is a browser-based rapid data visualization tool that helps user see multi-leveled hierarchies, interconnections and details on individual data objects in order to solve problems, understand complex relationships or identify areas of concern.


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