Saven's growth in recent years has made it one of the best IT services companies. Its strength is from years of experience and unique ability to apply knowledge to solve complex problems. Saven's engagements combine the best talent, innovative delivery processes and tools to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Global Delivery

Central to Global services capabilities is the experience and domain expertise of our professional services team – their core focus has always been to understand the customer's problems better and deliver measurable business outcomes. Combined with our portfolio of analytical applications, our service offerings, from business consulting to turn-key implementations, managed services, produce the most cost-effective yet agile solution available in the marketplace today.

Our Global portfolio of services has been designed to match a wide spectrum of customer needs. Saven has built a world-class service delivery team, comprised of highly skilled and experienced cross-functional technology experts , project managers and technologists who have successfully managed large and complex global projects for a wide variety of industries. We're focused on providing outstanding customer support through a proven and disciplined approach to design, delivery, implementation, training and ongoing post-deployment support. Saven has essential industry knowledge and the ability to lead the development and maintenance of customized and packaged applications and technologies in key industry verticals and technologies.

Saven's global delivery model offers the best blend of service delivery with a combination of onsite, onshore and offshore options to give clients access to the skills they need, and to choose the model that delivers the results.

Global Development & Delivery center:

  • Offers delivery options that are customizable and flexible and that can evolve over time, allowing clients to choose the model that best meets their comfort level and requirements
  • Provides quick access to scalable resources, assigning the right people at the right time to work on critical development projects
  • Allows clients to access experienced IT services at a predicable cost in predictable environments while focusing internal resources on strategic priorities
  • Committed to strong quality practices, and support initiatives such as CMMI, ITIL and ISO
  • Brings accountability, flexibility, predictability and cost-effective results to any client relationship

Saven's Global delivery helping clients realize major benefits on multiple fronts:

  • World class delivery center in Hyderabad with modern facilities
  • Industry expertise in multiple industries, technologies portfolio and project management capabilities
  • Environment that supports a full range of software development lifecycle activities including requirements, development, testing, integration, support and continuous integration


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