Saven's growth in recent years has made it one of the best IT services companies. Its strength is from years of experience and unique ability to apply knowledge to solve complex problems. Saven's engagements combine the best talent, innovative delivery processes and tools to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Delivery Practices

Saven places great emphasis on establishing processes, standards and tools to enable the same consistent standard of engineering efficiency and delivery excellence across all – regardless of time-zone, geography or client. Our environment of continuous improvement matches the culture of our clients, and helps us attain ever-higher levels of productivity, precision and predictability. Supported by deep industry, technology and business acumen, and by an unmatched breadth of capabilities, Saven helps clients generate next-generation innovations that can help them achieve high performance.

Saven recognizes that, while an Agile methodology may offer certain advantages over more traditional waterfall methodologies, there is no 'one size fits all' Agile. Successful Agile implementations can be based on a range of different tools and processes. We work with clients to identify and implement the practices that work best with clients' IT resources and that can deliver the greatest advantages to their business.

Saven adhere closely to the best practices that ensure delivery of software that has fewer errors, more extensible, easier to maintain and less time-consuming and expensive to support.

  • Coding Standards ensure uniform coding, while reducing oversight errors and the time spent for code review
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) produces verified code more rapidly
  • Configuration Management avoids delivery delays later on in the project cycle
  • Continuous Improvement addresses development bottlenecks faster by making on-the-fly changes to the source code without affecting the program's functional behavior
  • Continuous Build Integration: unified, centralized Continuous Build approach, automate source code delivery and replication on a daily basis
  • Project Management introduces transparency and traceability into the project through comprehensive performance reporting and KPIs
  • Assess, Report & Train: provide accurate, comprehensive, performance reporting and KPI enablement for every production resource.
  • Process Automation: automate daily reporting activities, eliminating time consuming routines, and freeing up more time for the development teams.
  • Eliminate process inhibitors: reduce overhead in the areas of communications, oversight, and delivery time.


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